Kind Words for Grow Like Jesus

Nick Floyd

“If you are a brand new Christian, you have found the right book. If you have walked with Jesus for decades, you have found the right book. Whether you find yourself in the midst of running from God or you feel as close to God as you ever have, this book provides a way forward.” Nick Floyd, Teaching Pastor, Cross Church, Fayetteville, Ark.

Robert Cupp

“Who better to pattern life after than Jesus? In Grow Like Jesus, Stephen Caldwell has unpacked the profoundly simple (yet simply profound) growth process of Jesus of Nazareth. With skill and insight he guides us on a journey — not too much detail (nor too little), no laborious checklists or exhaustive strategies — just a steady hand pointing the way after the Master.” – Dr. Robert V. Cupp, Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas

Brad Lomenick
“Leaders grow. They aren’t content with staying the same, because they know God always wants to draw them closer and do lomenickbookmore with them. So if you’re looking for a growth plan, the one modeled by Jesus is a great place to start.” Brad Lomenick, founder of BLINC, author of H3 Leadership and The Catalyst Leader and former president of Catalyst

Tommy Spaulding

heart-led-3d-2“There are more than 31,000 verses in the Bible. Grow Like Jesus teaches us that one verse, found in the Book of Luke, sums it all up – Faith in Christ is a one-time decision that leads to a lifetime of growth. And that is exactly what this important book will do – help you Grow Like Jesus.” Tommy Spaulding, New York Times bestselling author of It’s Not Just Who You Know and The Heart-Led Leader

Rex Horne

“I have been blessed through the years to read advanced copies of books and, on occasion, to offer an endorsement. When I started Grow Like Jesus, a book based on one verse of scripture, I was intrigued. As I read it, I was encouraged, challenged and inspired. The book mixes sound scripture interpretation with great illustrations of truth to personal application and action steps. You can tell I wholeheartedly recommend this book. I am now asking myself, ‘How is your Luke 2:52?’ Read this book!” – Rex Horne, president, Arkansas’ Independent Colleges & Universities (former president of Ouachita Baptist University and former pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church of Little Rock)

David Roth

“This book had me at the Preface. Within five minutes I had already taken action. Grow Like Jesus has captured a single but powerful verse and brought it to life. Life application abounds!” David Roth, President, WorkMatters

Steve Shadrach

GodAskProductGrow Like Jesus is chock full of profound passages and principles. The practical and doable application steps will help you see real change, health, and balance in your life. Stephen writes from a rich history of walking with God and influencing others to also grow into the likeness of Jesus.” – Steve Shadrach, executive director of Center for Mission Mobilization and author of Brown Like Coffee,ViewpointsThe Fuel and the Flame, and The God Ask.

David A English

“Grow Like Jesus has great insights about deepening our relationship with God and others. It gives very practical advice about how a person grows personally and spiritually. This study of the growth of Christ offers great perspectives and discernment that help all of us navigate to the full maturity that God has designed for us.”  David A English, Leadership Development, Campus Crusade

Lloyd Reeb

lloyd_reeb_sample“One Christmas I asked my family who they felt would have the ‘most challenging time’ growing spiritually in the new year. They pointed at me with smiles – I think they were right. After many years of following Jesus, Grow Like Jesus offers a simple way to find pockets of my inside world where I can continue to grow. That’s very helpful.” – Lloyd Reeb, primary spokesperson for Halftime and author of From Success to Significance: when the pursuit of success is no longer enough

George Schroeder

“Growing like Jesus either is or should be the primary goal of every follower of Christ. Our chief purpose in life ­ and our chief desire, if we understand what He has done for us,­ is to bring God glory, and the way we do that is by learning more about Jesus in order to follow Him more closely. Grow Like Jesus provides a deep dive into a Bible verse we often read right through. Although we don¹t know much about Jesus as a boy or young man, Stephen Caldwell shows there’s plenty to be gleaned from Luke 2:52, anyway. There’s more to learn about Jesus.” George Schroeder, National colleges writer, USA TODAY

Mickey Rapier

“Stephen Caldwell challenges the reader to Grow Like Jesus through practical and straightforward steps that are relevant for new believers, as well as those more mature in their faith.  His illustrations of ‘real life’ and attainable goals will encourage those who desire a deeper and more fulfilling walk with Christ to ‘plant seeds’ and ‘yield fruit.’ Luke 2:52 is one of my favorite passages and Stephen takes me back to my roots in exploring facets of Jesus’ life that I should diligently care for and nourish.   Not only will you buy this book for a friend, but you’ll find yourself returning to its pages for wisdom and truth derived from the Scriptures.” – Mickey Rapier, Directional Leader, Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas

Susan Addington

“This book’s focus on Jesus was well worth the review. While Scripture is filled to overflowing with godly guidelines for full life and growth on the Jesus journey, this simplification was quite refreshing. Who better than our Savior could be such a practical example?” – Susan Addington, speaker, mentor, mother, and author

Denise McMahan

“I just finished reading Grow Like Jesus. I found myself smiling right from the start because I felt such a connection to the personal stories. I really enjoyed the thought-provoking Pray, Read, Listen and Act passages. I also caught myself highlighting sections of the book along the way so I can circle back and ponder them some more. A lot of learning moments and definitely nourishment for the head and heart.”  Denise McMahan, founder/publisher,