My life …

My grandkids call me “Podge.” It’s a term of endearment. Trust me. One of them drew my portrait and I think it’s pretty close to what you’d get if you looked at an actual photo.

Podge drawing
This is me … sort of

So, what else should you know about me? Well, here’s the short version …

Me and Audrey

My journey as a follower of Jesus, writer, editor, and entrepreneur has fed my interest in lifelong learning and stoked my passion for helping other people grow. Whether I’m working on faith-based projects or with secular clients at Fortune 500 companies, I’m committed to using my God-given gifts and talents in ways that bring glory to God.

As the owner, chief word architect, and janitor of WordBuilders Communications, Inc., I work from my home in Fayetteville, Ark., where my wife and business partner graciously shares her Zumba room so I can have an office. I have writing and editing credits in the newspaper, magazine, marketing, advertising, training, and book industries, but I spend most of my days either helping clients develop and share their thought-leadership ideas or working on my own writing projects.

My beautiful wife, Audrey, and I are active in Cross Church of Fayetteville. We share a blended family that includes seven children and 12 (at last count) grandchildren. We enjoy spending time together however possible, but especially when it involves travelling or spoiling our grandkids.


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