Need a Guest Speaker for Your Team?

Whether you lead a business or ministry, your team often needs an outside voice to share a new message or re-enforce your existing mantras. My partners and I are available and ready to present messages customized to your organization and its needs. Whether it’s a team meeting or a conference, our promise is to deliver an engaging presentation that will encourage and equip your team to lead more effectively. My core messages center on three topics: How to grow like Jesus in the modern world, how to develop and display grit, and how to make “followship” the foundation of your leadership. I use personal stories, draw in the audience for interaction, and provide proven strategies and tips for applying these lesson in everyday situations.


Grow Like Jesus

We know from Luke 2:52 that Jesus grew in four key areas, so it only makes sense that we should follow that pattern. But what’s it mean to grow in wisdom, stature, favor with God, and favor with man? This talk delves into each of those four areas, providing a Biblical look at how and why followers of Christ, regardless of age, can deepen their walk with the Lord and share their lessons with others. This is good stuff for adults, as well as youth groups and college crowds. For more on the content, check out the book.



Servant Leadership. Onboarding.

Leadership isn’t about bossing people around and making all the rules. Real leaders understand that their effectiveness is rooted in a love for and a commitment to serving others. We are all followers first, and leadership flows from that wellspring. This presentation explains what followship is and how leaders can develop the mindset and skills to use it. It’s especially relevant to emerging leaders who are new to the workforce. The talk is based on the interactive self-paced training that I co-wrote with Michael Brown. Learn more here.


Forging Grit

You hear a lot these days about grit, but what is it and how can you and your team develop it? This talk will provide examples and direction based on the book and training Mike Thompson and I created. It’s an interactive — the audience is involved, not just sitting there — and thought-provoking. Frankly, some might find it uncomfortable. But if you want to lead in this crazy world, you better have forged some grit. Follow this link to learn about how we can help train your team to lead with more grit.