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I spent more than three years as a director for a training and development company, and I have helped create training for some of the world’s largest companies. So while most of my work focuses on writing books, I still keep a hand (and a few fingers) in the training and development world. We’ve created training around Forging Grit, the book I co-authored with Mike Thompson. And my friend and former coworker Michael Brown partnered with me to created a self-paced onboarding program called followship. Here’s how you can check them out …


Servant Leadership. Onboarding.

Follow this link to an overview of followship, an interactive self-paced training that helps employees develop into servant leaders. This training can easily be integrated into on existing onboarding program or used as a stand-alone training.



Forging Grit

ForgingGrit_Twitter CoverYou can read about grit in a book (including Forging Grit). And you can learn about grit in a classroom. But there’s nothing like getting gritty in a real-world environment to help you and your team develop the skills and attitudes that make grit a lasting part of who you are and how you lead. To learn about how we can help train your team to lead with more grit, email Stephen at