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Here’s where you’ll find poetry, short stories, and other words arranged in some order in my continued effort to make some sense out of life. Some of it will have an obvious faith-based message and some of it won’t.

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Here’s where you’ll find more information about courses I’ve helped create that will help you and your teams grow personally and professionally.

Author Checklist

Think you want to write and publish a book? Here are some things you should consider.
ring lardner

The Barber

The Barber is a re-telling of a classic by Ring Lardner (1885-1933). If you are unfamiliar with Lardner, I highly recommend finding some of his works and reading them. It’s a non-faith-based story. If it offends anyone, it’s most likely to be fans of Lardner who don’t like what I did to his original work.


Here are 10 verses about gratitude that are worth remembering.