Grow Like Kittens

Last week, Audrey and I went by the local animal shelter and adopted a couple of kittens. It hasn’t taken Tuck and Tessa long to make themselves at home, but they’re still rather young – less than two months old – so they have plenty to learn. That’s part of the fun of kittens: Watching them explore this crazy new world and joyfully learn how to function in it.

So, here’s how they’re doing so far with a few key kitten skills …

  • Stalking/Pouncing – Tuck, B-plus; Tessa, A-minus
  • Vertical Leap – Tuck, C-plus; Tessa, C
  • Curiosity – Tuck, A; Tessa, A
  • Obedience – Tuck, B; Tessa, B-minus
  • Climbing – Tuck, B; Tessa, B-minus
  • Cuddling – Tuck, B; Tessa, A
  • Potty Training – Tuck, A; Tessa, A (OK, one of them probably deserves a B, but we’re not sure which, and it was just that one time)
  • Sibling Wrestling – Tuck, B; Tessa, A

As you can see, they are quite advanced for seven weeks old.

Photo by me
Photo by me

Eventually, of course, kittens turn into cats, and life no longer is all fun and games. Adulthood takes over. Growth and learning seem to plateau. They settle into routines. They have real jobs with real to-do lists: Eat, sleep, patrol for mice, demand affection from humans, repeat.

Sometimes, I can relate. I’m not sure about cats, but I’m certain Jesus calls us to something more. Adulthood was never intended as a destination, but as a phase for more growth. Wherever we find ourselves in this journey of life, there’s always more to learn, always room to grow. That’s one of the broader points of Luke 2:52 and a big reason I wrote Grow Like Jesus. It seems clear to me that God is calling us to continually grow in wisdom, stature, favor with God, and favor with man.

So how are you doing? What are some key skills in your growth? How would you grade yourself in areas like prayer, time in God’s word, patience with others, dependence on God, healthy eating, exercise, relationship building, service to others, stalking/pouncing …?

OK, maybe not that last one. But whether you are newly born-again followers of Jesus or much further into your journey, the sanctification process never ends until you’re called home.

For me, the best part is that real growth in Christ always brings me joy. I’m like Tuck pulling on the drawstring of the window blind so that he hits the wind chime and makes it jingle. Life is mysterious and magical. I might not understand everything that’s going on around me, but I know life is good. I know God is good. And as I explore and grow, I think God watches and smiles.


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