Follow Me on a Path to Followship

Once upon a not-too-long ago, I began thinking of leadership in a slightly different light. Different for me, at least. I couldn’t escape the fact that Jesus calls us to be His followers. I am, therefore, a follower of Christ. His disciple. So it only makes sense that my leadership reflects my followship. In other words, to be an effective leader, I have to start by being a great follower.

After noodling on this idea for a few years, I began working with my friend Michael Brown to develop some training around the concept of “followship.” Michael and I worked together at a training and development company, and he’s now a part-time pastor of a church and a part-time coach/consultant in the corporate world. In short, he knows his stuff.

followship-logoWe designed “followship” as a self-directed and interactive training program. It’s secular in that we don’t quote Bible verses or share the Gospel, but it’s based (to the best of our abilities) on the truth found only in the Word of God. It’s perhaps best suited as a complement to employee on-boarding programs. We think the younger generation will get the most from it, because it provides some much-needed perspective on the attitude they need as they launch their careers. But, frankly, we all can benefit from learning, as the training puts it, to be “servant leaders serving leaders.”

The product launched this week with a blog we wrote and posted on Michael’s corporate site.  So click to read Three Lessons on Followship. Let us know what you think of the idea. And if you run a team and are interested in learning more about the product, by all means let us know.