The Sins of My Writing

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Spellcheck says everything’s good. But I’ve learned not to fully trust spellcheck. So, I read over it – one … last … time … Yep, all looks good. I hit send or print or whatever pushes my writings into public view. In this particular case, it’s a blog post. I’m never sure how many folks will read my blog, but I hope it’s well received by all who invest five minutes of their lives. I…

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Grit: A weapon against enemies of the good

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There’s an old saying that we should never let great become the enemy of the good. You’ll see it written in different forms, but they all pretty much draw on the idea expressed by Voltaire: “The best is the enemy of the good.” So I almost didn’t write a blog this week because I felt certain I couldn’t give it my best. I had several ideas for things to write about, but I was slammed by…

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3 Keys to Life-changing Headlines!

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Because “how-to” blogs are really popular and because I like to deviate from time to time from my norm, today I shall provide advice on how to write a great headline for blogs and online articles. Even if you don’t write blogs or online articles, you’ll no doubt find this information entertaining, if not life-changing. So read it and share it with a million of your friends. As with my more faith-oriented blogs, I don’t…

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