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Our Sanctification Puzzle

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Sanctification lives at the heart of the Grow Like Jesus message, and it’s something we do both individually and in the context of our relationships with others. Image a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that never stay the same but that somehow always fit together. We never know how or when our lives might provide the right fit for others or how and when someone else might provide the right fit for us. But we know…

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The God of Tegucigalpa

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I’m not a poet, but sometimes I’m compelled to write in my own, unique style of verse. So it is with my recap of the week Audrey and I spent this summer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We went with a team led by our dentist and friend Dr. Bob Ward of First Lavaca (Arkansas). And we worked under the direction of World Gospel Outreach, an organization that has learned through the years how to truly honor…

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Practicing Rest

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One of the key points in Grow Like Jesus is that rest is a critical piece of our walk with God. Jesus rested. So we should rest. What’s that look like? Well, this week, it looks like me somewhere on a beach. So this week’s blog is the attached photo. It’s from a vacation we took last year, but it symbolizes the rest I hope I’m getting while you read this. I hope you’re getting…

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Suggestions for your summer reading

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It’s summer, so you’ve probably noticed an increase in articles and blogs recommending books to read while you’re on the beach or otherwise decompressing from your work world. In many cases, these blogs are by authors who simply want to share the books they’ve enjoyed. Others, of course, are secretly sourced by clever PR agencies looking to promote a particular client’s book. That doesn’t make the list bad, it just makes the motives suspect. Caveat emptor….

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Father’s Day Forgiveness

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Father’s Day is coming up, so I thought I’d share a gift idea. It’s something you can give to your dad even if your father, like mine, is no longer alive. The gift: Forgiveness. My wife and I have a blended family with seven children, and all of them were adults when we married in 2010. I’ve never been hard to please when it comes to gifts, so I’m more than satisfied with a call…

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Tips for Life … from Me and some Harvard Grads

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Lessons for Grads … We interrupt the original iteration of this message to graduates due to what possibly could be a Divine course correction. Maybe not a new course, but at least an updated direction. This blog, you see, was first-draft finished when some unrelated research landed me at an expected website with a mother lode of wisdom — for recent graduates, for me, and for anyone. So I feel the need to share it….

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11 Things Followers Learn from Followship

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Are You a Servant Leader who Serves Leaders? Michael Brown and I partner on a few projects from time to time, and one of those projects is a training program called Followship: Servant Leaders. Serving Leaders. This week we launched a Kindle version of the participant guide, which is pretty cool, at least in our minds. You can read it on your Kindle reader and it has links to the videos and articles that are…

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One Year Later …

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A letter to a 1-year-old Happy Birthday, Grow Like Jesus! You were years in the making, so it’s amazing to celebrate this day with you. It was one year ago today that you officially “launched,” which is book-trade jargon that means you officially became available to the public. There were pre-orders before that, of course, but it was on this day that those orders shipped and sites like changed your status to “available.” No…

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Lessons from a Bad Golf Joke

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What I learned from Bubba Watson Bubba Watson didn’t have much to say when he failed to make the cut at last week’s Masters golf tournament, so he made a joke that he later admitted was as bad as his game. Watson, who has won the tournament twice, told a reporter after shooting a 78 in Friday’s round that, “Golf is tough; I don’t know if you’ve ever played it. But writing articles is easy.” As…

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Getting Out of the Silo

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Engaging the Culture Helps Us Grow Like Jesus There are days when I’m tempted to disconnect from some of my friends on Facebook, mainly the ones who regularly post opinions with which I almost never agree. Then I remember two important truths: One, I love them for who they are, not what they do or how they think, and, two, they help me grow like Jesus. So I resist the temptation to isolate myself in…

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