Forging Grit

Suggestions for your summer reading

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It’s summer, so you’ve probably noticed an increase in articles and blogs recommending books to read while you’re on the beach or otherwise decompressing from your work world. In many cases, these blogs are by authors who simply want to share the books they’ve enjoyed. Others, of course, are secretly sourced by clever PR agencies looking to promote a particular client’s book. That doesn’t make the list bad, it just makes the motives suspect. Caveat emptor….

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Grit: A weapon against enemies of the good

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There’s an old saying that we should never let great become the enemy of the good. You’ll see it written in different forms, but they all pretty much draw on the idea expressed by Voltaire: “The best is the enemy of the good.” So I almost didn’t write a blog this week because I felt certain I couldn’t give it my best. I had several ideas for things to write about, but I was slammed by…

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10 Books for Your Reading (or Giving) List

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One of the many perks of helping people write or edit their books is that I get to know some terrific people who have valuable messages to share. In fact, I sometimes boil my job description down to this: “To learn new things from smart people so I can help others by sharing what I’ve learned.” Not a bad gig, and it pays the bills to boot! I’ve been doing this for 20 years, although…

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Creative Gratitude: A Quest for Impact

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The gift in the mail sparked a brief discussion about how missionaries communicate with their supporters. “I think a random gift like this makes a bigger impact than a newsletter,” my wife said. As a guy who makes a living by writing, I’m a fan of newsletters. On the other hand, it was hard to argue against my wife’s point. First, I make it a practice to avoid, whenever possible, arguing with my wife. Second,…

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How to develop Olympic-style grit

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Note: I wrote this blog in partnership with my friends at SVI, home of Forging Grit co-author Mike Thompson. It first appeared earlier this week on SVI’s Develop Everybody blog. Athletes from around the world walked proudly behind their country’s flag as they entered Maracana Stadium during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. They all brought unique stories of how talent, hard work and perseverance brought them to one of the biggest stages in…

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Ali and Kemp: Two Stories of Grit

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I’ve been thinking a good bit lately about two former professional athletes: Mohammad Ali and Steve Kemp. That might seem like a strange combination, but Ali and Kemp have this in common: Grit. You probably have an intuitive understanding of grit. You’ve seen it in someone (perhaps yourself). And you’ve seen it lacking in someone (perhaps yourself). Here’s how Mike Thompson and I defined it in Forging Grit, a fictional story that illustrates this critical…

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