WordBuilders Inc.

WordBuilders is the editorial services company that I founded in 2008 and now operate with the help of my wife.

I consider myself the chief word architect; in other words, I try to put words together in ways that make sense and add value.

Audrey, my wife and partner, is chairman of the board and CFO. She helps me set the best courPrintse for the business, holds me accountable, and keeps me from purchasing stuff I don’t really need just because it’s cool and looks fun. (Me: “I think the business needs a four-wheeler.” Her: “No.”)

The original idea for WordBuilders was to connect great writers and editors to all sorts of projects, from ghostwriting books to planning and providing content for annual reports to managing the content for specialty publications to consulting on communication strategies. I would work with other writers and editors, and we would work with other creative agencies to bring a client a full array of services.

I still do all of that, but the primary focus of WordBuilders falls into these two buckets:

  1. Stuff I write. This includes the blog and books (Grow Like Jesus and Forging Grit), as well as work associated with the writing (training, speaking).
  2. Stuff I write or edit for clients. Some people don’t have the time and/or the skills to write the things they need written. But they have the money to pay someone for help. I become that someone.

I have writing and editing credits on 16 books, as well work in the newspaper, magazine, marketing, advertising, and training.