Listening with Love

Speak the truth in love. It’s great advice, right? Indeed. That is, if we have truth that needs to be spoken. More often, at least in my case personally, we have an opinion we want to state and an agenda we want to make known. It’s really more about the desire to be heard than the desire to speak truth, even if we say it in a loving way.

Here’s the advice I’m trying to take: Listen to the truth with love.

Who wants to listen? Not me, at least not most of the time. I’m too busy formulating my response, my defense, my counter-attack. I hear the words, but not with love. Not with consideration. Not with empathy. Not with compassion. Not with understanding.

Jesus calls us to something higher. Listen to the truth with love. That may or may not lead to something that needs to be said. Usually not. But if it does, by all means, speak that truth with love.