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March 2017

Closing Down the Pet Store

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Are Annoyances Ruling Your Life? Pets are supposed to be good for us, but I’m convinced there’s at least one pet we should never adopt. In fact, we should get rid of the ones we own: The pet peeve. We all have them, right? Those things that get under our skin and irritate the dickens out of us. Sometimes I think I have enough peeves to open a pet store. I’ve learned, however, that these…

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Are You Equipped for Discipleship?

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Do you have an equipment issue? A friend and I once co-created a phrase that I’ve always found to hold true when facing a challenge: “It’s an equipment issue. And if you have the right equipment, you won’t have an issue.” The thought came to us during a hot summer camping trip. We were sitting in our beat-up lawn chairs outside our hand-me-down tents, when we noticed an impressive camper pulling into a nearby site….

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Creating a Style Guide for Life

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Creating a Style Guide for Life You might not immediately make the connection between a newspaper’s new style rule and how we go about our personal development journey, but the connection is there. Trust me. Regular readers of The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the statewide newspaper in Arkansas and my former employer, might have noticed a change in recent weeks in how the paper refers to the state’s largest and best-known university. The new style guide apparently…

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When it’s time to ACT

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Sometimes I send myself an email to remind me to do something. It’s usually an idea I want to pursue or a concept I want to include in something that I’m writing. But if I don’t follow up on it quickly, I tend to forget why it mattered in the first place. This week I was trying to decipher just such a note when I realized the irony of my efforts. The note was two…

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Don’t Call Yourself a Leader

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There is only One leader, and it’s not you. The Bible is filled with examples of great leaders and with lessons on great leadership. And, yet, we still often view and practice leadership in ways that are diametrically opposed to what Scripture teaches. Blame it on our sin nature. We’re selfish, prideful, and easily attracted to the limelight. So leadership naturally becomes about things like being in charge, getting our way, controlling situations, accomplishing goals,…

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