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February 2017

3 Phases of Spiritual Growth

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One of the great paradoxical realities of life is that we’re continually growing while we’re continually dying – physically and spiritually. Our bones and muscles might stop growing during our teen years, but our cartilage never stops – which is why I’ll someday need a box truck to haul around my ears. Spiritually, we die to our sins every day, while longing for spurts of growth that bring us closer to God. Our spiritual growth…

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Theology lessons from my coffee mug

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Who Broke My Coffee Mug … And will God Restore it? I was definitely ill and perhaps a bit delusional as I pondered two deep theological issues: One about heaven and one about blame. It had been a rough day. As I mentioned, I was sick. And to make matters worse, I experienced an unexpected loss. As I unloaded our dishwasher that morning, my favorite Arkansas Razorbacks coffee mug fell from the cabinet shelf, shattered…

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When Love Becomes a Weapon

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we gather here today to mourn the loss of our longtime friend and ally, a supporter who has seen us through the darkest days of our lives and given comfort and aid to billions upon billions of suffering souls throughout history. Goodbye, LOVE, you will be missed far more than we can know, because, as it turns out, we never really knew you that well in the first place. … OK, so…

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My Lake Wobegon Facebook Life

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One of my best friends from high school died in 2016, and I found out about it on Facebook. In fact, if not for Facebook, I doubt I would have learned this sad news. That’s what I appreciate about Facebook – it provides a window into the lives of people I seldom get to see and, in many cases, I may never see again. Occasionally, it actually matters. Of course, Facebook, like most social media,…

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