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January 2017

Adopting the Mindset of Jesus

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The daily struggle to grow like Jesus typically begins between our ears. It’s strange how that finite space at times can seem totally empty while at other times feeling overwhelmingly cluttered. But if we want to grow “in favor with man,” as Luke 2:52 advises, then we have to free ourselves of both the clutter and the emptiness. We have to adopt the mindset of Jesus. What does it mean to have the same mindset…

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How to Define a Good Year

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We’re nearly three weeks down the road known as 2017, and I still can’t quite shake the dust off of 2016. I’m not writing the wrong date on my checks. I don’t even write checks. Well, not very often. But I find myself strangely perplexed by this question: Was 2016 a good year? What’s your initial response to that question? The consensus across this great land seems to be that 2016 was a stinker. Many…

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The Growth Benefits of Fasting

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Some followers of Jesus like to start the New Year with an intentional time of prayer and fasting, a practice that I’ve found helps me grow like Jesus. The church my wife and I attend (Cross Church in Fayetteville, Ark.) is among those that promotes this spiritual discipline. We’re blessed to have leaders who value the things Jesus values and who challenge us to live like Jesus. And it’s encouraging to know we’re going on…

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Grit: A weapon against enemies of the good

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There’s an old saying that we should never let great become the enemy of the good. You’ll see it written in different forms, but they all pretty much draw on the idea expressed by Voltaire: “The best is the enemy of the good.” So I almost didn’t write a blog this week because I felt certain I couldn’t give it my best. I had several ideas for things to write about, but I was slammed by…

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