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October 2016

When Others Don’t Do What I Want …

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Whenever we desire something from another person in life, one of two things eventually happens: We get what we desire or we don’t. Profound, I know. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how I respond to that second reality – not getting exactly what I desire from another person. I’m not talking about correct change from the cashier, although that could be involved. What I’m really talking about is not getting something almost all of us…

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Gratitude Drives Attitude

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Gratitude drives attitude. You’ve probably heard that expression, or some variation of it. Is it true? I believe it is. In our quest to grow like Jesus, our attitude goes a long way in determining our openness to whatever God wants to teach us. And an attitude driven by gratitude puts us in the right mind frame and heart frame. When I start my day with prayerful gratitude and end my day with prayerful gratitude,…

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The Mystery of Faith in Action

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I wasn’t searching for the most mysterious concept in the universe, but I think I somehow found it: Faith. The more I think about it, pray about it, read about it, hear about it, or believe I know about it, the more mysterious it seems to be. It’s easy to talk about faith as if it’s a tangible object we can hold like a phone or our favorite coffee mug. But it’s more like air…

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