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June 2016

Does Life Have You Baffled?

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A few weeks ago I bought a baffle. At the risk of getting all technical on you, it’s a cone-shaped thingy that goes on the pole that holds our bird feeders. It keeps squirrels from climbing the pole and eating all the bird seed. It leaves the squirrels … you got it … baffled. I no longer see squirrels lounging atop the bird feeders, but there always seems to be plenty of seed on the…

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Lessons from the Flower Garden

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When Audrey and I drove around town for the annual “garden tour,” we saw a variety of approaches with one thing in common: The owners had invested more than money; they had invested love. We might not have the budget or the passion of the gardeners on that tour, but we still give it our best shot. Audrey provides the vision and creativity, and I’m available to help with some of the manual labor. Together,…

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Some bird-brain ideas on fighting sin

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My wife and I were on an evening walk through a nearby neighborhood recently when we noticed something different about the front entryways of a few of the homes: Hanging birds. An owl here, a crow there. Not real birds, mind you. Fake birds. But at first glance, they looked real, not to mention somewhat gruesome, hanging above the front porches. Their purpose? To scare away other birds. These are modern homes with brick exteriors…

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Ali and Kemp: Two Stories of Grit

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I’ve been thinking a good bit lately about two former professional athletes: Mohammad Ali and Steve Kemp. That might seem like a strange combination, but Ali and Kemp have this in common: Grit. You probably have an intuitive understanding of grit. You’ve seen it in someone (perhaps yourself). And you’ve seen it lacking in someone (perhaps yourself). Here’s how Mike Thompson and I defined it in Forging Grit, a fictional story that illustrates this critical…

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How to Grow Some Civil Discourse

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“Just shut up!” she explained. “This is our show, and we’ll talk about whatever we want!” Just grow up, I thought. Then I pushed a button and, voila, I was listening to something else on the radio. So there you have it: A snapshot of a typical “discussion” in modern America. Whether it’s talk radio, social media, blogs, opinion pieces in the newspaper, political rallies or – if they still exists – old fashion conversations…

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