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May 2016

Want Some Patience? Get in Line.

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There are times in my life when I am the model of the virtue known as patience. Those times have a name: “The Exception.” Some people describe me as calm and easy going, but they just don’t know me well enough. Patience is an area where I definitely need some spiritual growth. And because I need it, God seems eager to provide opportunities for that growth. Two or three times a year, for instance, my…

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How to Revive Your Dry Bones

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Ezekiel lived during difficult times. He was a Judean priest living in exile in Babylon, and the people he was called to lead were spiritually dead. What happens when we stop growing? We die. And sometimes we die even when, in the physical sense, we’re still living. Dry bones. That’s the description we see of the people of Israel in Ezekiel 37.  God gives the prophet a vision. He’s standing in the middle of a…

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Insights into a Noble Character

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There are times when I want to be a model wife. Don’t take that the wrong way. I’m not going all Bruce Jenner on you. I’m very happy with the way God made me, thank you very much. But there’s something to be said for the qualities you find in a Godly wife – qualities I’d like to grow myself. I was thinking about this because Sunday was Mother’s Day, and it reminded me how…

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Fruits of a Jamaican Church Plant

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What happens when followers of Jesus grow like Jesus? The church grows for Jesus. Allow me to share an example … Last weekend I went on a business trip to Jamaica. I know, it’s a tough life, but somebody had to do it, right? I got this call from a client who wanted me to shadow a film crew doing a commercial with track star Usain Bolt. I would spend a few days in and…

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