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April 2016

What’s Your Prayer Plan?

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Every successful leader understands the importance of planning. Yet, in one of the most important areas of our lives, many of us just wing it and hope for the best. That area: Talking to God. Think about it. If you have a big meeting or a big pitch for client or you’re starting a new division or getting ready for a new fiscal year, where do you start? Research, analysis, and planning, right? And that’s…

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A Taxing Question about Giving

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Federal taxes were due this week for Americans, so here’s the question I think we all should be asking: “How did I do as a giver?” Not, “How much did I pay?” Or, “How much more did I owe?” Or, “How much did I get back?” But, “Did I give enough?” Not to Uncle Sam, but to the world. Most of us, I think, would say something like, “I gave what I could” and we’d…

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When insecurities are driving the bus

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My insecurities were buckled in tight and driving the bus full speed toward the edge of a cliff. This was several months ago. I was sending a preview copy of Grow Like Jesus to a few friends and asking them to read it and consider endorsing it. What if none of them were willing to read it? Worse, what if they read it and didn’t like it? What if they hated it? Thankfully, those fears…

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3 Lessons from Lunch with an Atheist

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The atheist invited me to lunch. He wanted to ask about Jesus. I played it cool. Externally: “Sure, man. Let’s roll.” Internally: Fist pumps. Shouts of, “Yes!!!” This is what followers of Jesus in the secular marketplace long for, right? A chance to be salt and light to a co-worker who is suddenly eager to hear about God’s redeeming love. So we went to lunch, me and the atheist. He shared some of his the…

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