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March 2016

3 Keys to Life-changing Headlines!

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Because “how-to” blogs are really popular and because I like to deviate from time to time from my norm, today I shall provide advice on how to write a great headline for blogs and online articles. Even if you don’t write blogs or online articles, you’ll no doubt find this information entertaining, if not life-changing. So read it and share it with a million of your friends. As with my more faith-oriented blogs, I don’t…

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Three Ways Jesus Displayed Grit

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Few qualities of success are more vital than grit. Some social scientist, in fact, consider it the essential quality.  So it comes as no surprise that Jesus had grit. And never was the grit of Jesus more evident than during the final week of his life. How so? Well, to answer that question, let’s start with a definition. In Forging Grit, co-author Mike Thompson and I define grit as the passion for getting something done…

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Lessons from a Baptismal God Moment

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Did you hate going to church as a kid? Not me. I hung out with friends in Sunday School, played hang man or connect the dots on the bulletin during “big church,” and then my family went home and ate Mom’s awesome pot roast for lunch. What wasn’t to like? I later spent more than a decade as an agnostic, not because I didn’t like going to church but because I was avoiding God. Thankfully,…

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Beyond the Obvious: 3 Tips on Finding Rest

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Every now and then I notice a wave of articles about research that has proven something we’ve always known. This week contribution? Drumroll, please … Rest matters. Human beings need sleep. Our bodies need to recharge. We need a good eight hours of sleep, we’re told. And while people who get by on six often think they’re getting enough, research proves their performance suffers. Followers of Jesus (and others who are scholars of the Old…

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