11 Things Followers Learn from Followship

Are You a Servant Leader who Serves Leaders?

Michael Brown and I partner on a few projects from time to time, and one of those projects is a training program called Followship: Servant Leaders. Serving Leaders. This week we launched a Kindle version of the participant guide, which is pretty cool, at least in our minds. You can read it on your Kindle reader and it has links to the videos and articles that are referenced. You just need to take notes in a journal or using your computer.

So, in celebration of the launch, I thought I’d share some key points that people takeaway when they go through this training. The actual training goes deeper into each of these to explain things like why they matter and how we can live differently. So these are just highlights.

I started with about 25, with the intention of cutting it down to the top 10. I settled on 11, because who says you have to use round numbers anyway?

  1. Everyone is a follower.
  2. Followers build others up, show respect, and promote collaboration.
  3. Our values drive who we are and how we behave, so we should identify what we believe and why.
  4. We each must take responsibility for our role in effective communication; it is counter-productive to blame others. Own it.
  5. Keep an open mind when listening; don’t jump to conclusions so you can respond rather than react.
  6. Bloom where you’re planted.
  7. The best organizations promote growth, but we ultimately are responsible for our personal growth, regardless of what others do or don’t do for us.
  8. You really can’t “be anything,” but you can find satisfaction in whoever you are and whatever you become.
  9. Contentment is a place within you, not a place you go.
  10. A mark of a great follower is the ability to step in and out of that role in appropriate ways at appropriate times.
  11. Happiness is a creature that feeds on emotions and lives according to the circumstances of the moment. Joy maintains a sense of peace while moving through good times and bad.

If you’re interested in the Kindle version, here’s the link.

If you’re interested in the print edition and/or the leader’s discussion guide, or if you just want more information about the program, the here’s the link you need.