The writings and resources on this site are intended to challenge your thinking and encourage you to act in ways that help you grow. As a follower of Jesus, my faith informs and influences everything I do, but not all of my work is directed specifically toward a Christian audience. Forging Grit, for instance, is written primarily for business leaders and Followship: Servant Leaders. Serving Leaders. is corporate training material. Grow Like Jesus is clearly a discipleship book.

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small cover“If you are a brand new Christian, you have found the right book. If you have walked with Jesus for decades, you have found the right book. Whether you find yourself in the midst of running from God or you feel as close to God as you ever have, this book provides a way forward.” Nick Floyd, Teaching Pastor, Cross Church, Fayetteville, Ark.

“Faith in Christ is a one-time decision that leads to a lifetime of growth.” — Grow Like Jesus

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ForgingGrit_FC-Web (1)Forging Grit is a great read! Mike and Stephen have given us a simple, well-written story about a man whose grit is revealed through extraordinary circumstances.  If you want to understand grit better or be inspired to pursue it for your own life, pick up this book.” – Bill Dillard III, vice president, Dillard’s Inc.

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The Blog God Spiked

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Several weeks ago, I wrote two blogs and scheduled them to post while Audrey and I were on vacation. When we returned, I realized one of them never posted. One of two things happened. I didn’t schedule it properly or my really, really smart, hi-tech blog posting system malfunctioned. You decide. Last week, I reread the blog and decided to use it. I polished it up, sent it to a friend for proofing, and then reread…

Read this Blog and Earn 10 Points!

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My wife tells the story of a teacher who motivated his students by awarding their obedience and success with points. “What do we get for the points?” one student asked. “Oh, points are great,” the teacher said with great enthusiasm. “They are the best! Everybody loves to get points. When you’re older, you’ll really understand. Points are great. Trust me. You want more points!” We live in a world that keeps score, even if the…

The Rocks of Our Hearts

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Is the soil of your heart prepared for growth? …  Our home rests near the top of a hill, and we’re mostly surrounded by woods. Bermuda grass thrives on the sun-soaked front and one side of our lot, but the back remains very close to its natural state – it mostly grows rocks, not grass. I’ve been thinking lately about investing some time into the backyard – more to make it easier to maintain than…

The Sins of My Writing

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Spellcheck says everything’s good. But I’ve learned not to fully trust spellcheck. So, I read over it – one … last … time … Yep, all looks good. I hit send or print or whatever pushes my writings into public view. In this particular case, it’s a blog post. I’m never sure how many folks will read my blog, but I hope it’s well received by all who invest five minutes of their lives. I…