The writings and resources on this site are intended to challenge your thinking and encourage you to act in ways that help you grow. As a follower of Jesus, my faith informs and influences everything I do, but not all of my work is directed specifically toward a Christian audience. Forging Grit, for instance, is written primarily for business leaders and Followship: Servant Leaders. Serving Leaders. is corporate training material. Grow Like Jesus is clearly a discipleship book.

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small cover“If you are a brand new Christian, you have found the right book. If you have walked with Jesus for decades, you have found the right book. Whether you find yourself in the midst of running from God or you feel as close to God as you ever have, this book provides a way forward.” Nick Floyd, Teaching Pastor, Cross Church, Fayetteville, Ark.

“Faith in Christ is a one-time decision that leads to a lifetime of growth.” — Grow Like Jesus

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ForgingGrit_FC-Web (1)Forging Grit is a great read! Mike and Stephen have given us a simple, well-written story about a man whose grit is revealed through extraordinary circumstances.  If you want to understand grit better or be inspired to pursue it for your own life, pick up this book.” – Bill Dillard III, vice president, Dillard’s Inc.

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Our Sanctification Puzzle

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Sanctification lives at the heart of the Grow Like Jesus message, and it’s something we do both individually and in the context of our relationships with others. Image a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that never stay the same but that somehow always fit together. We never know how or when our lives might provide the right fit for others or how and when someone else might provide the right fit for us. But we know…

The God of Tegucigalpa

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I’m not a poet, but sometimes I’m compelled to write in my own, unique style of verse. So it is with my recap of the week Audrey and I spent this summer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We went with a team led by our dentist and friend Dr. Bob Ward of First Lavaca (Arkansas). And we worked under the direction of World Gospel Outreach, an organization that has learned through the years how to truly honor…

Practicing Rest

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One of the key points in Grow Like Jesus is that rest is a critical piece of our walk with God. Jesus rested. So we should rest. What’s that look like? Well, this week, it looks like me somewhere on a beach. So this week’s blog is the attached photo. It’s from a vacation we took last year, but it symbolizes the rest I hope I’m getting while you read this. I hope you’re getting…

Suggestions for your summer reading

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It’s summer, so you’ve probably noticed an increase in articles and blogs recommending books to read while you’re on the beach or otherwise decompressing from your work world. In many cases, these blogs are by authors who simply want to share the books they’ve enjoyed. Others, of course, are secretly sourced by clever PR agencies looking to promote a particular client’s book. That doesn’t make the list bad, it just makes the motives suspect. Caveat emptor….